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Situation: To solidify a recent merger of two United Way Associations, there was a need to utilize a dynamic strategic planning process that would result in a clear and compelling mission, key strategic directions and goals and alignment among a wide range of stakeholders.

Result: To address this need, CHP worked with the United Way to design and implement a strategic planning process. Cambridge Hill conducted a comprehensive set of interviews with key stakeholders including agencies and partners, Board and staff. In addition, consultants analyzed and integrated a number of research reports about donor interests, regional demographic trends and community service needs. This information was used to develop a briefing document to provide an accurate and objective "snapshot" of the current situation and future challenges. With the briefing document in hand, over 100 individuals convened for a one-day forum to discuss the future direction of this United Way. Central to this forum was the involvement of five outside experts who served as "provocateurs" and "thought leaders" in order to expand the thinking of the United Way stakeholders. Following the forum, consultants worked with UW Board and staff to develop strategic directions accompanied by three-year goals. The directions and goals reflect the collective perspectives from the wide range of stakeholders.

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