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Crafting creative, feasible and sustainable strategies

While many not-for-profits invest time and energy in strategic planning, many do not always achieve a clear strategic vision. Despite best intentions, many strategic plans translate to little action, evoke little inspiration and are simply catalogued in an institution’s planning archives. Point to Point™ takes you beyond the typical three ring binder that sits on the shelf.

Point to Point™ is a strategic planning process that yields innovative and feasible results, forges broad-based commitment from internal and external constituents and inspires action. Cambridge Hill’s Point to Point™ strategic planning process has been developed specifically for not-for-profits including universities, colleges, cultural institutions and health care organizations. Cambridge Hill consultants understand and value a not-for-profit organizations’ need to balance its mission with market realities.

Key Components

  • Synthesize existing "in-house" information to create a snapshot of the organizations current situation, i.e. programs, services, infrastructure, finances
  • Using a variety of techniques, gather and analyze information from external constituents such as clients, funders, partners, Board members and policy makers
  • Conduct an external analysis of relevant environments to identify key opportunities, challenges and discontinuities
  • Utilize outside experts beyond typical podium speeches and panels in a way that forces the collective institution to think expansively about possible strategic directions
  • Develop a focused and limited number of strategic goals that are widely supported and build on the strengths of an organization's culture
  • Establish agreed-to criteria and processes for identifying, reviewing, and prioritizing strategic decisions

Point to Point™ yields an easily understood and clear strategic vision, surfaces the "real" criteria for success, builds knowledge across the institution and sustains on-going support when commitment and interest typically wanes. Ultimately, it integrates key strategic decisions across functions within the organization.

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