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> overview

Cambridge Hill Partners works with colleges and universities to assess and respond to the myriad of challenges and opportunities within the world of higher education. We work with institutions to create a shared understanding of their current situation and an informed view of future opportunities.

We help clients develop a compelling and cohesive vision for the future, implement integrated organizational strategies that address the multiple dimensions of an academic institutions – academic programs, student life, research, financial development and administration. We understand the need to engage institutions in an expansive and inclusive process that is simultaneously time and resource efficient.

> Key components of our strategy practice include:

  • incorporation of individual visions, perspectives, and knowledge needed to create a 'big picture'
  • use of external data and perspectives to inform future direction and business strategies
  • development of strategies that are sustainable, dynamic, and widely supported
  • alignment of internal constituents in a way that builds on the strengths of an organization's culture

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