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> overview

In response to changes in the environment and shifts in strategy, organizations often need to recalibrate their organizational structures and systems. Cambridge Hill Partners provides innovative and adaptive solutions needed to fulfill an organization's mission and build sustainable momentum.

Our organizational development practice addresses essential relationships, structures, and systems required to support high levels of performance. We work with clients to increase organizational capacity at all levels.

> Key components of our organizational practice include:

  • assessment of internal factors, including systems, structures, shared values, staffing levels, and key competencies
  • assessment of external issues, trends and disruptions affecting the organization and its markets
  • identification of additional and/or alternate competencies and organizational strategies required for future success
  • articulation of the impact that organizational changes will have on key stakeholders
  • processes for gaining support and sponsorship from critical stakeholders

> The outcomes we achieve with clients:

  • honest organizational assessments that surface fundamental challenges not merely symptoms
  • a viable roadmap to implement organizational changes
  • increased capacity to successfully implement selected strategies and directions

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