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What is The Better Mentor?
Mentoring is widely used by organizations as part of a larger strategy to accelerate the development and progression of female and high potential managers. At Cambridge Hill Partners we believe that well-designed mentoring programs can serve an additional objective – that of engaging senior executives as diversity champions. Traditional mentoring programs sometimes fail because they do not recognize that women and managers of color can not use the same strategies that resulted in the success of white male counterparts.

The Better Mentor is a program designed to increase the confidence and competence of senior executives in coaching across differences. To understand these differences, senior leaders are educated specifically about gender and racial dynamics within their own organizations.

Who should consider The Better Mentor?

  • Leaders of Women’s Leadership Networks who are seeking to increase the number of senior executives involved in women’s leadership initiatives
  • Executives who desire to advance high potential women and managers of color in preparation for leadership
  • Executives who need to prepare high potential managers to move from functional experts to strategists

What are the advantages?
Most mentoring programs are one way, focusing on the development of proteges. The Better Mentor is focused on increasing the competence, confidence and commitment of senior leaders to mentor across differences. Increasing the capacity of senior leaders yields several important advantages:

  • Knowledge and skills developed by senior leaders through The Better Mentor strengthens organizational capacity for diversity
  • The numbers of senior leaders engaged in championing women’s leadership is greatly increased
  • Retention and progress of high potentials is increased

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