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What Is Diversity - Making a Difference?
Every staff member can make a difference in terms of creating inclusive, respectful and welcoming work environments. A shared understanding is created regarding the business case for diversity and of how current diversity issues play out and affect colleagues. Very importantly, this session teaches staff options for making a difference. These options are open to every staff member regardless of rank or function.

This two-day session is Cambridge Hill’s core diversity program. It represents the fundamental building block for creating a critical mass of staff who are pressed and committed to stepping up and exercising personal leadership on diversity issues.
How Does Diversity – Making a Difference Work? Classes are put tighter across functional lines. Participants are provided with the language and frameworks necessary to have a shared understanding of diversity. Participants are educated about core issues of race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, class and age as the play out in the specific organization. Participants are led to see whether each individual "fits" into the diversity picture and how differences can be the basis of building effective alliances.

Who should consider Diversity – Making a Difference?
Organizational leaders who wish to make every staff member part of building a climate of respect and inclusion should consider Making a Difference. Staff interactions affect the quality of work life and the climate every day. Staff interactions with customer set a tone. This seminar helps build community, create a cohesive culture and make credible the claim to shared values of respect.

What are the Advantages?
How do organizations create one, cohesive culture, and signal credible commitment to values to the whole organization? This program has effectively engaged staff at all levels of complex and fast changing organizations. Often staff who are at the bottom of organizational pyramids feel powerless to affect change. This powerless can be manifested in cynical attitudes that have a negative impact on colleagues and customers.

Making A Difference counters feelings of powerlessness by showing staff how in diversity related situations each of them can make a difference on a day-to-day basis. The session features frequently encountered challenges, the kinds of situations staff face every day. Instructors role-play and participants have a chance to try out different ways of responding to diversity related challenges.

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